“At 'Understanding', we understand the brand's clothing and we value pieces that you want to keep for a long time.”

Modern silhouette, natural flowing 'understanding' is a simple modernism brand that pursues both classical and wit without any boundaries. What's more important to them is to express women's beauty and simplicity with classical lines and beige materials.

While supporting the motto of modern silhouette and deep-seated clothes, they make each piece valuable over time.

Furthermore, they understand and create a wide variety of products from top to bottom with nice fabrics such as cotton, wool and mohair.

Their collection made on the basis of minimalist and simple style makes its pieces enjoyed by a broad range of its customers.

Based at the heart of the Dongdaemun garment district, Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping complex (gathering 26 shopping malls, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers), Understanding can acccess to any fabrics they need to produce good quality garment within a short time

The brand is open to collaboration with Private Labels and can provide fast delivery.

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